Our Mission

Madonna Mission is a not-for-profit organization providing education and resettlement support programs for refugee individuals and their families in Chicago.

Even though these refugees have been fully vetted by the U.S. State Department, basic services provided by resettlement agencies may run out in a matter of months.  These are grateful newcomers to a strange land, eager to build a productive life but lacking the basic human moorings - the ability to communicate or read the local language, and a safe place to give and receive simple friendship. 

At Madonna Mission, students learn to read and write English, giving them the tools to communicate with neighbors, potential employers, their children's teachers, and more. We're dedicated to promoting self-sufficiency, and a smooth integration into American life. 

Statistics show that the vast majority of refugees who come to America arrive with the desire to acclimate and contribute to their new home. The simple skill of knowing the native language is the most critical element of that successful resettlement. 

Let us take time to recognize and draw inspiration from these ordinary people who have shown such extraordinary courage.
— Antonio Guterres, U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees